Kamaya Wedding Venue
Above Photo: Kamaya Bali

The third type of wedding venue is a wedding venue only without any accommodation. Nowadays, many places in Bali sell their places only for weddings. However, keep in mind that this type of venue only provides the venue for the event. So, there are no rooms or accommodation at all.

Then, just like a hotel or resort, this type of venue also facilitates both chapel or outdoor weddings. Usually, the outdoor area is located on the beach or near a cliff, while the chapel area is similar to those in hotels or resorts.

Despite the drawbacks, this type of wedding venue can provide more privacy for you, your partner, and family because it usually does not provide time slots at all for events in the outdoor area. Meanwhile, there are only 2-3 time slots for events at the chapel area.

Another advantage is that this type of venue also provides everything you need for the wedding, including food and beverages, sound systems, etc. So, if you like a simple and practical venue for your wedding, this type of venue can be the right choice.

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Marriage is a sacred momentum. As a bride-to-be, you certainly want to give the best impression to all the invited guests who have attended your wedding. In this case, choosing the right wedding venue is one of the important aspects that must be considered.
Even so, oftentimes couples feel confused in choosing a suitable wedding venue. Starting from choosing the right atmosphere, and decoration, to the location of the venue, become important things to consider. Moreover, if you choose a tourist destination location like Bali to host your wedding, too many options of interesting venues can make you feel more overwhelmed.
On that note, to make it easier for you and your partner to find the best wedding venue, learn more about the three common types of wedding venues in the article below.


Keep in mind that every type of venue has its own advantages and disadvantages. Thus, before choosing a venue, make sure you have communicated all the needs of the wedding with your spouse in advance. Thus, before choosing a venue, make sure you have communicated all the needs of the wedding with a trusted and reliable Bali wedding planner, such as Lestari Bali Wedding. Since 2004, Lestari Bali Wedding or PT. Lestari Bali Pawiwahan has served various clients for achieving their dream weddings, including all kinds of event preparation, execution, and after-event necessities.