Lestari Bali Wedding and Bali Tourism Board Organized Beijing Wedding Table Top 2019 to Promote the Uniqueness of Bali as a Top Wedding Destination

Bali has become one of the most favorable wedding destinations for newlyweds worldwide, including in China. From ordinary people to celebrities, many Chinese newlyweds show interest in securing a spot to enjoy their romantic honeymoon or a private wedding ceremony on the island every year. With a wide range of beautiful venues, newlyweds have more options to organize their wedding or romantic getaway at a venue most suitable to their needs

Seeing the enthusiasm of Chinese newlyweds for Bali as a romantic destination, the Bali Tourism Board (BTB) held an event in Beijing to promote Bali as a top destination for honeymoons and weddings. Supporting this mission, Lestari Bali Pawiwahan and Bali Wedding Association (BWA) were invited to organize the Beijing Wedding Table Top Sales Mission on November 28, 2019. This event was also attended by more than 30 stakeholders from various hotels, villas, resorts, and wedding vendors in Bali and over 100 buyers from China

During this mission trip, Lestari Bali Wedding introduced a variety of sophisticated wedding venues located in the south of various hotels in Bali. Moreover, Lestari Bali Wedding also introduced one most favored wedding venues in the eastern side of Taman Ujung (Karangasem). Compared to other venues, this venue is notable for its history and cultural connection with China due to the wedding of a Chinese Princess, Kang Cing Wi, to King Jayapangus in 1177 – 1199 AD.

Furthermore, the Tourism Board unveiled a new product – the Royal Wedding in Bali, which allows the newlyweds to organize their wedding in Puri Agung Karangasem, adapting to the Balinese customs. Under this theme, newlyweds will wear Bali’s traditional costumes and experience modern reception at the exotic and elegant Taman Ujung venue.

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Most importantly, this theme would also facilitate the newlyweds with a hint of the traditional Chinese wedding experience – they would serve each other’s parents tea to thank them for their upbringing.

If you would like to have a unique wedding rich in traditions, Bali will be an excellent destination for you and your loved ones. As an experienced wedding organizer, Lestari Bali Wedding will be the best partner to help you achieve your dream wedding on the beautiful Bali island. With Lestari Bali Wedding, you can enjoy a wide range of services to support you in organizing the best wedding of your lifetime.