Banyan Tree – Bambu 5 Course Dinner Menu

Bambu 5 Course Set Menu

Price : IDR 1,300,000 per person

Asian Set Menu

Thai Beef Salad
Grill Beef Strip Loin, Cucumber, Tomato, Chili Lime Dressing, Fresh Coriander

Prawn Noodle Soup
Fresh egg noodle, PrawnBroth, Baby Bok Coy, Garlic Oil

Seared Sea bass
Seared Sea bass Fillet, Green Curry Vegetable

Half Roasted Chicken
Teriyaki Sauce, Teppanyaki Vegetable, Pickle Ginger, Steamed Rice

Almond Tofu
Strawberry Soup, Mixed Berries, Sesame Tuile

Coffee and Tea

Western Set Menu

Tuna Nicoise
Seared Tuna, Tomato Tapenade, Green Beans, Olive, Quail Egg

Asparagus Spinach Crème
Sourdough Crouton, Truffle Oil

Prawn Agnolotti
Spicy Tomato Sauce, Parmesan Shavings

Roasted lamb rack
Polenta Cake, Vegetable Mille Feullie, Rosemary Jus

Chocolate Cake
Almond Touille, Fresh Berries, Passion Fruit Coulies
Coffee and Tea